English proposition of the conference

Billing data:

Type of supplierControl. account321100     Domestic suppliers
Company nameNameSlovak Society for Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Veterinary Sciences at SAV
Street/house numberstreet/house numberCHTF STU, Radlinského 9   81237 Bratislava-Staré Mesto
PostcodePostcode812 37
TINTax number 12021978596
IČO (Company ID)Tax number 2IČO: 00179019
Bank – nameStateSlovenská sporiteľňa
Bank – bank codeBank code900
Bank – bank  account numberBank. Account 
Bank – IBANAmount. IBANSK5909000000005185196021
Order currencyOrder currencyeuro
Communication languageLanguageSlovak
Term of payment – number of days duePayment terms30 days
Contact – phonePhone0903233171
Contact – e-maile-mailjozef.golian@uniag.sk